What One Gift Can Do

What One Gift Can Do

You have the power to make a real difference in the lives of so many families and individuals with a contribution to CHAF. As former State Representative Alice Wolf put it, “From a statewide perspective, there’s probably no more important activity that you can be doing than assisting people to remain in housing and to not fall into the specter of homelessness, both as a human endeavor but also as a way of really preventing this continual cycle that has gone on.” Below is a quick look at how one small gift can make a big difference.

How Your Gift Helps
Average Amount to Help One Family: $730

Estimated amount paid by state to shelter a homeless family for one year: $30,000

Percentage of CHAF/HomeStart clients still housed one year later: 96%

Approximate Number of households helped since 1999: 1,700

Number of households helped in 2013: 124

Total Raised in 2013: $160,213

Total Raised since 1999: Over $1,900,000

CHAF’s 2014 Fundraising Goal: $150,000

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